The other day at work I was doing a busser shift, yes dear readers, I’m moving up on the restaurant world. From cook to busser. I noticed a waiter was having a little fit about something with one of our waitresses and because that wasn’t my section I really couldn’t go and see what was going on. Emphasis on “see,” because I really don’t have the power to do much.

See the guy was complaining because he had two napkins. Two! You’d think, maybe it was because he needed more, but oh no! There was one too many napkins for him. See according to him, our restaurant is a “fancy restaurant,” and it’s enough to have the “fancy” rolled up silverware with the napkin that comes with it. That’s it. No more napkins is not fancy.

When all the other employees and owner heard what was going on we couldn’t help to laugh (we waited until the patron left). I mean c’mon! I understand people are saving money and not going out much, there’s a recession, but to see us as a fancy restaurant is a stretch.

See there are two big aways to know we are not a fancy restaurant:

1- Paper napkins – not cloth.
2- There’s sidewalk seating

Anyways, at least the guy served us for a good laugh.